The rudder of a dhoni determines the course of each journey in reaching its destination; it is instrumental to protecting the passengers and goods in the dhoni from the dangers of the sea. In the same manner, the joint rudders on the Police badge symbolize safe passage for the Maldives, through the trials and tribulations it faces in today’s society, which are overcome with the combined efforts of the Police and the community.

The shield represents the colors of the Maldivian Flag symbolizes the efforts of the Police to uphold the peace and to protect the glory of the Islamic Religion and the Maldives.

Since time immemorial, the stars have played an important role in leading the travelers to their destinations. The shining star in the centre of the badge is testimonial to the Police guiding the people of the Maldives to the path of peace and security. It also instills a sense of joy and pride in the abilities of the Police in the hearts of the people.

The stripe is used on the Police vehicles on land and at sea, as well as on the Police headgear. The stripe is also used for decorative purposes on occasions as required. The stripe represents the combined efforts of the Maldives Police Service and the community, fashioned after a design used extensively in the Maldivian mat weaving. “Police are Public - Public are Police” the theme of the Maldives Police Service is based on this philosophy of partnership approach of policing in finding solutions to the society’s problems.