For the year 2013, five major areas of policing are given high priority. These areas were determined
after a rigorous consultative process among the members of the Executive Board. The current crime
trend and crime environment were taken into consideration in the deliberations and discussions.

The five Operational Priorities are:

  • 1. Drugs and Alcohol;
  • 2. Serious and Violent Crimes;
  • 3. Theft and Robbery;
  • 4. Peaceful Conduct of the Presidential Elections 2013; and
  • 5. Counter Terrorism.


Alcohol and drugs has a strong connection with crime. The use of drugs and/or alcohol by gang
members before gang fights, violation of laws under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and property
crimes committed by youth to pay for alcohol and drugs are the reasons responsible for continuing it as
an operational priority in 2013.

Objective: Identify drug and alcohol networks; intercept and prevent trafficking in; impede the
distribution of drugs, alcohol and all controlled substances; and investigate drug and alcohol (related)
crimes through coordinated efforts.


Theft and robbery remains the crime most frequently reported to the police. More than 50% of all the
reported crimes account to theft and robbery. During the past two years’ crime figures show an increase
in theft and robbery by 16% and 14% respectively. The figures illustrate the need to attend these crimes
in a concerted approach.

Objective: Increase the detection rate of theft and robbery crimes by 15%, thereby deterring the
commission of thefts and robberies.


Serious and violent crimes occurring in the Maldives has substantially increased during the past year.
Concentrated effort is required to reduce and prevent serious and violent crimes. Special focus would be
on gang violence, human trafficking, organized financial crimes, crime against women and children,
cybercrimes, human rights violations, homicides, abductions and extortions.

Objective: Disrupt gang activities, target dangerous suspected offenders, and continue to tackle serious
and violent crimes.


Following the change of government in February 2012, the society is highly polarized and fragmented on
political affiliations. Therefore, it is imperative for meticulously plan and prepare for the Presidential
Election 2013.

Objective: Create an environment conducive for the conduction of Presidential Election 2013 and
effectively manage any possible post-election conflicts.


Since the Maldivian economy is highly dependent on the tourism, an act of terrorism can have a
devastating impact on the economy. As evident after the incidents occurred in other tourism-based
economies and 2007 Sultan Park bomb blast, it takes just one act of terrorism to shatter an economy.
The security services need to be vigilant and cautious of any future plans of an attack. This illustrates the
need to constantly monitor activities or individuals that pose a potential terrorist threat to the nation.

Objective:Identify violent extremists and extremist organizations, deny support for terrorism and
sponsorship, diminish underlying conditions that promote terrorism, and defend the Maldives against
terrorist attacks.