About Maldives Police Service

Maldives Police Service (MPS) is the cardinal law enforcing body of the Republic of Maldives, with the duty to ensure security, protect property, and assist the community during crisis and disaster while maintaining law and order, round the clock.

This Charter

This Service Charter will inform you of:

  • The legally defined objectives of Maldives Police Service;
  • The Commitment of MPS, in providing you a sincere service;
  • How you can assist us;
  • MPS service standards; and
  • How you can provide us with information or make a complaint or request for service.

Our Mission

  • To Reduce Crime;
  • To Reduce Fear of Crime;
  • To Enforce the Law.

Our Vision

To make the Maldives a Safe Place for All.

Our Objectives

The Objectives of Maldives Police Service include:

  • To uphold and implement the law in order to maintain continued public order and national security;
  • To respect and uphold the fundamental rights of citizens;
  • To prevent all criminal acts and to take action against all such acts;
  • To identify, ascertain and investigate criminal acts and to seize and arrest the perpetrators of all such acts;
  • To assist the general public and to act in conjunction with the general public in providing policing services.

Our Core values

  • Courage
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism

Service Charter

Maldives Police Service is committed to providing quality policing services to citizens, residents and tourists. We are continuously striving to improve our services through training staff, adopting new mechanisms and technological advancements and through consultation. We undertake to review this Charter continuously.

The Client Service Charter outlines our commitment to clients in accordance with our Strategic Plan, revealing client rights and responsibilities, how the citizens and the clients can assist, the standards the clients can expect when communicating with the Maldives Police Service and what a client should do if dissatisfied with our service or actions.

Our Service StandardsWe aim to maintain a high level of professionalism, commitment and ethical standards in our Service. We welcome all feedback on our performance, behavior, policy and procedures to enhance our service delivery.

At all times we aim to:

  • Answer all emergency telephone calls immediately;
  • Act promptly to address any need;
  • Investigate complaints where appropriate;
  • Reply to letters and emails within 3 working days;
  • Respond and listen to client feedback and complaints and consider their views;
  • Provide clients with the necessary and relevant information as needed; and
  • Respect client privacy by treating personal information with confidentiality.

Contacting for assistance

To report an incident, crime or suspicious behavior, please contact the nearest police station. You may also visit the public relations desk at any police station or Police Headquarters.

If you contact us for assistance, we will

  • Recognize your request
  • Provide an apt response and;
  • If it is a matter we are not entitled to solve, we will refer to the appropriate organization.

When you have a complaint, contact any Police Station or Police Headquarters;

  • If you believe the complaint cannot be resolved by that officer, contact the Duty Officer on mobile +960-9888-999
  • If you feel that the issue has not been resolved by either of these actions, contact our Internal Affairs Department

If you feel that your complaint was not investigated to your satisfaction, you can always write to us, with details of your complaint and the reasons for your dissatisfaction so that MPS can efficiently process it. We will respond to your written complaint within 3 working days, and we strive to investigate all complaints in a sensible manner, providing regular updates on progress. 
If you have any information that may help to solve a crime please contact us at the earliest opportunity.

Our Expectations from the Clients

For ease in providing services we ask clients to:

  • Honor legal and social obligations;
  • Treat our officers with respect and courtesy;
  • Respect the privacy, safety and needs of other members of the community;
  • Provide all available and relevant information about the incident;
  • Be honest and rational;
  • Use Police Emergency line 119 only for emergency circumstances;
  • Offer no gift or benefits to any officer;
  • Provide us with timely information of change of your resident address, if you have a complaint lodged with us; and
  • Work in partnership with us to sustain the safety of the community.

Expectations from the Staff

Clients may expect our officers to:

  • Abide laws and regulations;
  • Treat all with dignity and respect;
  • Serve with honesty and offering their best effort to meet the public expectations;
  • Be fair and accessible to every client, effectively and in a transparent manner; and
  • Adhere to the Police Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

Expectations from the Management

You may expect our management to:

  • Examine and ensure that services are delivered effectively;
  • Formulate and maintain policies that are aimed at enhancing efficiency and discipline in the Maldives Police Service;
  • Ensure that staff are utilized and distributed effectively in appropriate ways;
  • Monitor the performance of the Maldives Police Service.

Committing a crime

If we suspect you have broken the law we will advise you of your rights, and should your arrest be deemed necessary, we will arrest you.

Crime Reduction and Prevention

We need assistance from the public to reduce criminal activities in our community. In this effort we request your assistance in every ways you can, in addition to those mentioned below.

  • Always know where your children are and who they are with.
  • Tell us if you witness a crime or see anything which you think is suspicious, try to make a note of important details such as motorbike registration numbers involved in any suspicious activity.
  • Use standard locks on your house, office, shop and any other properties you own.
  • Make a note of serial number of any gadgets or equipment that belongs to you including mobile telephones.

Tell us what you think

It is important that you are satisfied with our service. Your criticism and comments help us to improve. With your assistance and feedback, we seek to continuously improve our service to the community.

How to Contact us

Police Headquarters
Shaheedh Hussein Adam Building
Jumhooree Hingun 20125 / Male
Republic of Maldives

Telephone: (+960) 3322112
Police Emergency : 119
Fax: (+960) 3318036
Duty Officer: (+960) 9888999
PABX: 125 (only for national calls)

You may send a SMS to 119 or 9888999 as well. If you wish to report a narcotic drug offence, please dial 100.


Regional Police Stations Phone Fax
Upper North Police Division
Ha. Dhidhoo Police Station (+960) 9791462 (+960) 6500065
Ha. Ihavandhoo Police Station (+960) 9792265 (+960) 9791067
Ha. Hoarafushi Police Station (+960) 9792707 (+960) 9792986
Hdh. Kulhudhufushi Police Station (+960) 9791382 (+960) 6528852
Sh. Funadhoo Police Station (+960) 9792237 (+960) 6540037
Sh.Kanditheemu Police Station (+960) 9791646 (+960) 7799402
North Police Division
N. Manadhoo Police Station (+960) 9792039 (+960) 6560069
N. Velidhoo Police Station (+960) 9791747 (+960) 9790022
R. Ungoofaaru Police Station (+960) 9791508 (+960) 6580108
R. Alifushi Police Station (+960) 9992245 (+960) 9790029
B. Eydhafushi Police Station (+960) 9791674 (+960) 6608312
B. Thulhaadhoo Police Station (+960) 9792113 (+960) 9790030
Lh. Naifaru Police Station (+960) 9792187 (+960) 6620313
Lh. Hinnavaru Police Station (+960) 9792239 (+960) 9719852
North Central Police Division
K. Thulusdhoo Police Station (+960) 9791174 (+960) 6640314
K.Himmafushi Police Station (+960) 9794639 (+960) 9630290
K. Kaashidhoo Police Station (+960) 9791519 (+960) 9630289
Aa. Rasdhoo Police Station (+960) 9791394 (+960) 6660726
Aa.Himandhoo Police Station (+960) 9800109 (+960) 6660726
Adh. Mahibadhoo Police Station (+960) 9791822 (+960) 6680612
Adh. Maamigily Police Station (+960) 9792499 (+960) 9790031
V. Felidhoo Police Station (+960) 9792782 (+960) 6700784
Central Police Division
M. Muli Police Station (+960) 7792998 (+960) 6720089
M. Mulak Police Station (+960) 9790164
F. Nilandhoo police Station (+960) 9791814 (+960) 6740534
Dh. Kudahuvadhoo Police Station (+960) 9792052 (+960) 6760053
SouthCentral Police Division
Th. Veymandoo Police Station (+960) 7791854 (+960) 6780504
Th. Thimarafushi Police Station (+960) 9792269 (+960) 6780504
Th. Guraidhoo Police Station (+960) 9791308 (+960) 9800113
L. Fonadhoo Police Station (+960) 9791249 (+960) 6800548
L. Gan Police Station (+960) 9791261 (+960) 7798501
L. Isdhoo Police Station (+960) 9630130 (+960) 9790068
Upper South Police Division
Ga. Viligili Police Station (+960) 9792109 (+960) 6820008
Ga. Dhaandhoo Police Station (+960) 7791885 (+960) 6820008
Ga.Gemanafushi Police Station (+960) 7933917 (+960) 6820008
Gdh. Thinadhoo Police Station (+960) 9792358 (+960) 6842556
Gdh. Gahdhoo Police Station (+960) 7791755 (+960) 6842556
South Police Division
Gn. Fuvahmulaku Police Station (+960) 9792803 (+960) 6865014
S. Gan Police Station (+960) 9792058 (+960) 6898027
S. Hithadhoo Police Station (+960) 9791612 (+960) 6887948
S. Hulhumeedhoo Police Station (+960) 9791366 (+960) 6894066
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