Three people involved in the Sultan Part bombing have been sentenced to 15 years in jail today. Those three people are Mohamed Sobah, 19, of V. Landhooge Aage, Moosa Inaz, 21, of Laamu atoll Kalhaidhoo / Finihiyaage and Ahmed Naseer, 20, of Gaafu Atoll Kanduhulhudhoo / Saadhuna Manzil.

Investigations into the bombing revealed that the major role in the crime was committed by these three people. They confessed to their crime requesting the court to finish the case as soon as possible by issuing a justified verdict.

Congratulations to the Police investigation teams which investigated the September 29 bombing for their outstanding work. The assistance provided by the departments of Maldives Police Service and the government authorities that assisted in the investigation is highly regarded.